Rob Royer

Rob Royer


Rob Royer is the founder and CEO of Interior Define (I/D), which is redefining the home furnishing space with its exceptional, customizable sofas, chairs and beds at attainable prices.

Royer grew up in Santa Fe, New Mexico as the son of an architect father and interior designer mother. He developed a passion for design from an early age, spending time sourcing with his mom and touring homes with his dad. While Santa Fe is recognized for a rustic, Southwestern aesthetic, Royer always gravitated toward its more modern, timeless spaces and furniture, an influence that manifests in the designs set forth by I/D.

Royer graduated from University of Kansas with a B.S. in Business. In 2007, he joined Bonobos as an early hire. As Director of Customer Relationship Management, he was struck by the importance of serving customers with a unique experience. Indeed, his experience at the revolutionary omnichannel retailer inspired him to want to build his own digitally native brand with a differentiated customer experience. At the time, he was also furnishing his first home and was struck by the lack of quality design, meaningful customization and affordable pricing in the home furnishing space. The idea for I/D started to develop, and Royer purchased its URL in 2008.

Royer went on to complete a Master’s in Integrated Marketing at Northwestern University, and in 2012, he joined marketing communications agency FCB Global as Director of Customer Intelligence. In this role, he worked with portfolio brands, developing campaigns that targeted specific consumer needs and life stages. All the while, Royer continued to hone the concept for I/D, and both experiences bolstered his vision to build a brand with personalization and great customer service at its core.

Royer decided to make the leap to pursue I/D full-time in late 2012, spending more than a year establishing the necessary factory relationships and supply chain. Along with his early team members, Royer launched I/D in 2014. Today, customers can shop online or at Guideshop Locations in Chicago and New York (with more planned). In either case, they’ll enjoy a high-touch customer experience that’s otherwise missing from the mid-market. As CEO, Royer leads the vision and strategy for I/D and gets to fulfill his goal of making the sofa shopping experience better for all. As a result, I/D has been named by Business Insider among “25 Companies That Are Revolutionizing Retail.”

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